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Properties In Louth

If you are trying to sell or let properties in Louth, we at Compass Estate Agents have many ways in which we can assist you. One of the services our clients seem to appreciate the most is our free presales advice, and we are happy to do it for anyone. Because we are a "no sale, no fee" agency, sellers can take advantage of our presales advice without any financial commitment on their part.

Most people who are selling or letting properties in Louth can look at a house and see that it needs a new paint job. Our presales advice is more subtle than that--we can spot things that our clients often do not notice. Refurbished or upgraded door and cabinet fixtures, for instance, can create a bright, fresh atmosphere in a kitchen or bathroom. These types of small adjustments are much less expensive than installing new cabinets and countertops, yet under the right circumstances they can create a similar effect.

We Possess Detailed Knowledge of Properties in Louth

Another benefit of our presales advice is that it gives us a chance to get a more intimate idea of what your home's best selling points are. As mentioned, we never use hard sell tactics with our clients, whether they are looking to buy, sell, or let. But when we know a home inside and out, we are better able to highlight its special qualities (and every home has them).

With all of the beautiful properties in Louth, no professional estate agent needs to use heavy-handed tactics in order to make a sale. We like to step out of the way and let the beauty of a home shine through. If you're also looking to purchase a home in the area, our partners offer mortgage services. For information on our listings, please call Compass Estate Agents at 01507 604 712.