A little bit about...The Greenwich Meridian, Louth

In 1884 a standardised zero degrees longitude was agreed internationally and is known as the Meridian Line. It is the world’s Prime Meridian for measuring longitude which is crucial not only for establishing time (GMT or Greenwich Mean Time) but it is also vital for navigation.

The Greenwich Meridian lines runs throughout the globe from North to South and establishes a standardised time reckoning around the world.

Louth is special for another reason too, a feature that only happens in three other places in the world. The Greenwich Meridian Line passes through Cordeaux High School which is one of a very small number of schools in the world to lie exactly on the Meridian.

There are four lines that are engraved with text and are placed around the town of Louth on and off the Meridian Line. They are the result of a collaboration of works by book artist Les Bicknell and sculptor Lawrence Edwards. The text says ' Mapping - slowly nowhere becomes somewhere'.

This is just one of the amazing things that helps put our little town on the map. For more information please visit http://www.thegreenwichmeridian.org/tgm/location.php?i_latitude=53.365841