You've found that lovely family home, the perfect price, and the perfect layout. However, unfortunately for you, your neighbours aren't so keen on the well-kept property look. With an over grown lawn and three dogs in the rear garden howling, and it seems to manifest itself during viewings, you seem to attract more disputes with your neighbours than viewers on your property.

A third of 2,000 British people have expressed they have fallen out with their neighbours due to an unfriendly relationship, noisy pets or unkept gardens and property.

If your property is in a high crime rated area or located on a street with boarded and broken windows then this can result in reducing your valuation price by £20,000+.

First time buyers often buy that special first home to start a family, looking for a cheap spacious property is difficult to find, if your property has been reduced in price by £20,000 and sits next to a property with broken windows and rusty bins, this will instantly make a buyer feel that the area is not appropriate to bring a family up in.

Resolving this neighbour feud starts with documenting the problems you are having, if you get a viewer and you receive feedback from them explaining that the untidy garden next door put them off, or that they heard dogs barking through the walls of the house then you have proof of the disruptions happening.

Talk the problem out. Tell your neighbour what's bothering you, be open and direct without raising your voice. You should ask your other neighbours on the block whether they have had the same issue as yourself, you could then explain you are not the only person that has had problems selling their home due to having neighbour problems.

Unfortunately, there is not a great deal you can do about your neighbours or how they maintain their property. If your neighbour is a tenant, you should call their letting agent and make them aware of the problems you are having, if you have no luck with the lettings agent, the council is always available to help.