How do you view houses?

How do you view houses?

With technology advancing at such a rapid pace, the internet has never been so popular. 78% of adults in the UK use the internet every single day. Thats a lot of web surfing! Here at Compass, we want to know from your experience, when looking at buying or selling a property, where do you look first? Do you take a trip down your local high street and browse the estate agents windows? Do you buy the local paper and check the property pages? Or do you hit the net and browse Rightmove and Zoopla?

Last week I had a chat with a client about ways we could market her property. Her response got me thinking. The last time she bought and sold property was 15 years ago and she told me she was shocked at how different things are now. She even said the buying process is more difficult now than it was back then. My first reaction was a shocked one; with the power of the internet, how is it more difficult now?! I asked her to explain, and in actual fact, it makes a lot of sense.

15 years ago the lady bought the local paper and browsed the property pages. She picked the houses she liked the look of, circled them and made appointments to look round them. She told me that she viewed four houses before being reccommended a property by an estate agent and eventually buying that property (just so you know, that estate agent was us). This time round she informed me she had looked round hundreds of houses (when in actual fact shes only visited two). She said she is much fussier now and with the power of the internet it enables her to look at houses in much more detail than was possible back then. For example, here at Compass, we offer professional photographs of all rooms and gardens and a full floorplan showing the layout of a property at the click of a button. The internet gives people the opporunity to see more of a property without viewing it than ever before. This means there is more choice and it is much easier to look at the widest range of property. In my clients opinion however, the more choice, the more difficult it is to make a decision and the more time it takes to find the perfect house.

The internet offers viewers the chance to see pretty (and sometimes not so pretty) pictures of houses, You can see floorplans and room sizes. However this isnt a substitute for actually viewing a house in person. When you view a property, you get a feel for it. I've lost count of the amount of people who have told me they only viewed a property because their partner liked the look of it only to find when they got there they fell in love with it. Does this mean the internet actually hinders the buying process? I think not. The benefits definitely outweigh the cons. I'm interested to hear your views. Get in touch!

My name is Amelia.  I am director at Compass Estate Agents.  Please get in touch with your views. Either on facebook, via email ( or over the telephone - 01507 604712.